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About Raw Led

Since 2010, RAW led, along with RAW Supply Chain Management, has been a part of RAW Minerals. Our parent company, RAW Minerals is operating in raw materials and chemicals for the paint-, paper- and chemical industry. The main office that is located in The Netherlands has been active on the Chinese market for over 25 years now.

Through our own office in Shanghai we conduct business directly with manufacturers of these raw materials, chemicals and led lighting under the name RAW SCM. The advantage of doing business this way is that we have a direct local relationship with the manufacturers and that we are capable of taking care of transport and logistics ourselves. Because of that, the overhead costs remain low and this makes us significantly more low-priced than our competitors. The regulation of the entire supply chain management is in control of RAW SCM.

Our suppliers are carefully selected and are being visited regularly to inspect the product quality. Due to this intensive quality assurance, RAW Minerals has built up multiple long term relationships with multinationals like Bayer, BASF/CIBA AKZO Nobel/EKA Chemicals and PPG. RAW led is part of this quality control program and therefore we can count on a solid financial foundation and is very much capable of facilitating large projects.

Companies have a huge impact on the environment and must therefore comply with EU-environmental regulations in different areas like air quality, chemicals and waste management. Less pollution, counteract environmental change, maintaining bio diversity and smarter management of natural resources are all crucial for an environmentally responsible management. Corporate social responsibility has become much more important these days in an integral vision for a more sustainable form of management.

A company with high corporate social responsibility will consider both the societal and economical effects of company decisions that have to be made. When choosing our led products, you automatically comply with the set environmental regulations. Led lighting will provide you with financial benefits within a very short period of time since the return on investment in many cases is less than 1 year.

The products that are provided by RAW led are TÜV certified. We provide at least 3 years of full warranty. Through our own office we only conduct business with manufacturers that we have expected ourselves. This means that we keep procurement, logistics, product quality and customer service completely in own hands in a transparent manner. For 5 years, we have been a reliable supplier of affordable led lighting of high quality. Our role is to unburden our clients in an open, direct and efficient manner in which the focus remains on delivering a high end product for a reasonable and affordable price.

Our goal is to find the ideal led solution for our customers!

There's a way to do it better - find it.

Thomas A. Edison